Monday, September 21, 2009

Favorite Quote

Refuse to waste your time. Give it value and spend it wisely. ~ Mimi Tremont

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Woo-HOO! (Travesty Update)

So, this morning Mom and I are in the car and she's a comedy channel on Sirrus FM. But, of course, there's no local news on there so I grab my cellphone and turn on the radio function to locate a local station I can stomach that early in the morning. I plugged in my headset. Turned on the cell and started searching. Two stations in, it landed back on my fave station and what should my wondrous ears hear? NEPHEW TOMMY!!!


I have no idea what prompted them to change back, (probably a mindblowing number of phone calls from angry listeners looking for their daily fix of old school r & b music, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden) but whatever it was...WHOEVER it was, my eternal thanks goes out to them. The world as I know it has returned to normal and I can get my laugh on again.