Saturday, November 15, 2008

"The Diva's Dilemma"

The Diva Chronicles

Some time ago, one of my critique partners was muttering about how she was lacking in story ideas. In fact, she said, she was blocked. My reply was one that I always say and no one really seems to listen to when I say it, but I told her anyway, "Put your characters in a stupid/silly situation and watch them react." She kinda said, "Uh, sure Mimi" and she left it at that.

SHE left it at that. I DIDN'T.

I went to so far as to give her a crazy/silly/stupid situation. And I quote:

"Girl, put your characters in a crazy situation and watch them flip out. Here's a perfect example. Let's say you have a heroine that's decided she wants to become a nun. She's giving up her sinful ways and marrying Jesus. But before she puts on the habit, her friends invite her to a big party they're throwing. They neglect to tell her that they've invited a stripper and when he arrives, she discovers it's her ex-boyfriend and watch what happens next."

Well, I let the idea sit for months hoping that perhaps she would jump on it and have a ball. At the very same time I had several encounters with my daughters friends and realized, that no one would believe the things that happened to these young women. No one. I wouldn't believe many of them were I not privy to some of the happenings and the laughs that followed. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I finally gave in to my urge to write a story about some of her friends.

I've just completed my first story, a short, in the Diva Chronicles Series:

"The Diva's Dilemma"

Aliyah Montgomery has decided that she's tired of living her life with no direction. So to celebrate her birthday she's going on a fast to find direction. At the end of the fast, she's going to become a missionary and do whatever the Lord would have her do. Problem is, her girls have other plans and their plans involve watching oiled up men shake their money-makers in their faces. Too bad one of those oiled up men turns out to be the one man who broke her heart and inadvertently set her on her spiritual journey.

I promise to post a small excerpt soon and perhaps a picture of one the muses. After all, I did say the muses for this series was based upon my daughter and her friends.


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