Friday, September 02, 2011

IMRR Fall Newsletter Submissions

The upcoming FALL IMRR Bookclub newsletter is open for book announcement submissions and articles.

For book announcements, please include the following information along with your blurb and a clear, reproducible image of your book cover:

Main Characters Ethnicity (or Species):
Author Website:
Format: (print or ebook)
Purchase Link:

ALL books included in the upcoming newsletter will automatically be included in the IMRR Book Database.

All Newsletter Submissions are due on Friday, September 23, 2011.

Please send all announcements and articles to

My personal apologies to everyone who send submissions for the last newsletter. I (Mimi), spent a good portion of the summer with my hand in a brace and working on anything computer related for more than a few minutes here and there was nearly impossible. Thankfully, I'm finally back to normal...well, normal-ish.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks, Mimi, for visiting my blog and commenting. Much appreciated! I'm glad you enjoyed the beef fat post and I imagine that, as a vegetarian, you can probably relate somewhat. ;-)

  2. I can relate more than you know. I cringe each time I even smell meat cooking. can I NOT follow and comment. I'm just happy I wasn't drinking anything when you first posted about being called a "Ho" by McSpammypants. I read and reread that post for days! Loved the strategically placed stripes across your hoe-like body. LOL!!!!