Friday, November 30, 2012

Multiply's Last Day....

Today, is supposedly Multiply's last day in it's currently configuration. All forums and groups not centered around the buying and selling of some cheap "Made In China" crap, will cease to exist.

Honestly...when we started having issues with getting answers from them regarding problems we were having with the forum, we knew something was up.

But back to the point of this final post...

We do have a website featuring a blog and forum: Unfortunately, the forum is down for a bit until we update to a less spammer friendly one. Gotta love the tenacity of spammers.

And more importantly...WE NEED MODERATORS to help run the new forum and NEW Reviewers.

In the Meantime...

You can also find us on Facebook: We post New and Classic IR books that we think readers might be interested in daily.


And Twitter, of course!:

Hang in there with us as we make this FINAL FORUM TRANSITION...'Cause really, a Sistah's getting tired of all these shenanigans and changes these sites have been putting us through!

Happy Reading! ~ Mimi Tremont ~ IMRR Bookclub, Head-Cheerleader & Manager

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