Sunday, November 20, 2005

Nothing deep this week ladies and gentlemen.

Fact is, I've been so crazy busy this week that I never got beyond writing notes in my handy dandy notebook. I have my hero literally on the brink of a life altering moment and I haven't been able to write it because I'm so busy I can barely see straight, nevermind write exceptional romance beyond the pace of a paragraph a day---if I'm lucky.

About the only relaxation I've gotten this week is from the times that I've discovered that after being on the computer for far too long, I've heard the tell-tale sound of maniacal laughter coming from my television annoucing that Invader Zim's on. At which time, I finally shut down the computer so I could watch it without being tempted to return to the computer during commerical breaks.

Now I probably wouldn't mention my addiction to Invader Zim were it not for the fact that it's one of the few bright moments...if you can call anything about a tiny alien bent upon making the human race his slaves, "bright"...of my day. The fact is, I love to watch just to see how crazy Gir will be in that particular episode. How many times will he break out into a dance and begin to sing, "Doody, doody, doody!" when Zim's back's turned. As well as just how many tacos it will take to bribe him into doing his job.

Right about now, I wish someone would attempt to bribe me with a taco while I'd dance wildly behind their backs singing, "Doody, doody, doody, doody!!!"

GIR // GIR is one of the most hilarious people on
the show. He's a robot and is SUPPOSED to be
helping Zim. His quote is "Can I be a
moongoose dog?"

Which Invader Zim character are you?
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