Monday, December 19, 2005

According to Johnny Mathis...'s the most wonderful time of the year.

And I fully agree.

However, as the days get shorter and my "To-Do" list gets longer, I often wonder about those writing women that are loving, caring Moms of little ones, work a regular nine to five job and still manage to sit down for more than 30 seconds to write, manage to do it without reserving a room at the local booby-hatch. And not just write, but write complete sentences, thoughts and actually manage to finish what they're writing.

With the holiday season being in full swing around me, I can barely manage to put up my tree, never mind finish decorating, keep a little one clothed, fed and entertained AND write. As it stands I'm currently considering taking the first workday of the year off so I can stay at home and quietly write and contemplate what I plan to accomplish next year with my writing.

Now I just need to not be so busy that I:

1) Forget to notify my supervisor at work and take the day off.


2) Slip up and mention to anyone that I'm taking the first day of the year off and suddenly find myself with unwanted company that's expecting an entertaining hostess and a cup of coffee.

That is SO not happening.



  1. So...did you remember to ask for that day off yet? :-D

  2. Lucky me, I didn't have to ask. They gave us the day off anyway. *grin*