Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Amazing Birthday

I am having an amazing birthday weekend. AB-SO-LUTELY amazing!

What makes it so amazing you ask? Well gee, I'll tell you.

Now, I started to tell you a bunch of stuff that wasn't really your business and quite honestly, you're not really interested in outside of it being soap opera-ish, so I'll just trim it down to the basics.

Earlier today I was on the phone with IMRR Management's voice of reason (aka Patricia) when my call waiting flashed and I saw a strange cell phone number on the television screen (the wonders of digital tv and phone ties mine together). So, feeling generous with my time, I decided to put Trish on hold for a few and see who it was. I have a bazillion cousins and most of them know my b-day's tomorrow. So, I hit flash and the first thing I hear is: "Who's this?"

Well..*g*...if you know me, you already know my reply. "Who's THIS?"

"Uhhh....this is Lamar."


I scrambled to get off the phone with Trish because it was my nephew in Orlando! I hadn't heard from him in at least three years! I had an amazing time talking to him. But in the middle of all the chatter I asked him how his Mom (my sister, Diane) was doing. His reply, "Well, why don't you ask her yourself?"


Now, my sister isn't anyone famous or anything like that outside of just being MY sister. (Please take the next few minutes to ignore the fact that I'm not famous either) But I hadn't talked to my sister in at least ten years. (Insert soap-operaish stuff that I alluded to earlier here). We talked for thirty of the most amazing minutes I've experience in a long time and I'm AMAZINGLY HAPPY!

So amazing in fact that I've decided to extend my birthday celebration giveaway until the end of the month and extend the prizes by adding a few more things to the $25 gift certificate and copy of "The Beast In Him" by Shelly Laurenston. The contest now ends on July 31st so if you haven't entered, be sure to do so soon!

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