Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Books Featuring - Native American and Asian Heroes

Locating a book featuring a bw/wm couple is much easier than it used to be. But, what if you're looking for an IR book featuring an Asian or Native American hero?

Not so easy to just blindly reach for a book at your favorite bookstore and locate such a book with ease. Below is a list...a growing list I'm sure. Of currently available IR books featuring sexy sistahs and handsome Asian and Native heroes.

Native American Heroes

"Unbreak My Heart" by Dar Thomlinson - bw/nam
"From The Ashes" by Kathleen Suzanne and Jeanne Sumerix - bw/nam
"Red Sky" by Renee Alexis - bw/nam

Asian Heroes

"J-Pop Lovesong" by Shiree McCarver - bw/am
"Drummer's Beat To Mend" by Kei Swanson - bw/am
"The Words of a Pitcher" Kei Swanson - ww/am
"Ebony Eyes" by Kei Swanson - bw/am
"No Ordinary Love" by Angela Weaver - bw/am

(All of the books listed are available via Genesis Press, except J-Pop)

Authors who focus on Asian Heroes - Shiree McCarver and Kei Swanson
Authors who focus on Native American Heroes - Renee Alexis

Check out Shiree and Kei's individual sites for additional books featuring Asian heroes. They both have several books not listed above.

Kei Swanson:
Shiree McCarver:

Renee Alexis is working a series of books featuring Native American's heroes, check out her blog here:

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