Monday, August 10, 2009

Mimi's Favorite Reads - August

"Finger Lickin' Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich

"Get Your Sexy On" by Kimberly Kaye Terry

"Dream Warrior" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Finger Lickin' Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich - (ww/wm and hm - it's a love triangle of sorts for those of you unfamiliar with the series) I faithfully purchase Evanovich's books. FAITHFULLY. This year I was in Borders on the day it came out with a special gleam in my eye as a I fingered the pages. As predicted, she didn't disappoint and I laughed enough while reading it during my lunch breaks that my coworkers knew without asking who I was reading. Lula witnesses a murder, enters a barbecue contest (mind you, she can't boil water), moves in with Stephanie and the mayhem and laughter begins.

If you've never read Evanovich before, give her a try and as with all series, start at the beginning. It will make more sense when they refer to events that occured two books back.

And for those of you familiar with the series...Morelli and Ranger are sexier than ever...and I will be a Babe till the day I die!

"Get Your Sexy On" by Kimberly Kaye Terry - (bw/wm) I purchased this book within days of it's release. However, I held off on reading it until a couple of weeks ago. Hey, I've got a ton of books in my TBR pile...

Okay, here's the skinny....I opened the book one evening after work telling myself that I was just going to read the opening chapter, then get on with writing, critiquing and a whole host of other things that I needed to do. I sat on the edge of the bed. Opened the book and didn't get up until I was more than ninety pages in and the only reason I got up then, was because my daughter was on her way home from work and I thought it might be nice if we had dinner that night.

The next day when I got my "You better be writing" reminder email from author Naomi James, I admitted why I'd been lax the night before and sent her a link to KKT's GYSO page. Thirty minutes later, I got another email back from her screaming that she hated me because she'd just ordered the book from Borders herself and was picking it up on her way home. She, like yours truly, went home, opened the book and couldn't put it down.

Refusing to read the next page in this book is like trying to not eat the next potato chip in the bag. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT FINISH IT OFF IN ONE SITTING!

I promise you this is one of the sexiest books I've read in years. The plot is on point. I've never been a stripper turned teacher, but I understood Sienna Featherstone's motivations behind doing what she did. And the hero Garret McAllister...Listen, if you don't like Alphas....don't read this book. He takes alpha to a level that's far beyond anything I've encountered in a while. But...*fans self*...I want to go with him wherever he goes.

Before I ramble anymore, since this is always supposed to be a short "Here's The Books I Liked" type thing, I'll make it short. The book is hot. The hero's hot. The heroine is about her business and the plot kept me turning pages.

Note to Ms. Terry regarding Jake Runninghorse...DIBS!

"Dream Warrior" by Sherrilyn Kenyon - (paranormal - mythology) Yet another thing anyone that knows me knows, is that I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's books. She's such an autobuy that if her publisher decides to change the cover and not the content, and if I'm not paying attention, I will buy her books and not realize until I get home and go to put it on my shelf, that I've got a copy of it already.

Ms. Kenyon introduces readers to a new pantheon of warriors battling to save humanity from an evil that they don't know exist.

Now listen...the hero, Jericho/Cratus - YUMMY. If you love Zarek of Moesha, you'll love Jericho.

Delphine, the heroine...If only I had her skills. She minds her business and does her best to stay on the downlow when it comes to Zeus and his minions, but, she will kick butt, take names and have them posted for all to see just in case someone's crazy enough to think they're big and bad enough to take her on.

While Ms. Kenyon's said previously that from the point of "Acheron" on, the next book would set up a new series, the "Dream Hunters" and (Technically, the first book in the series is "Dream Hunter" released in 2007), "Dream Warrior" is the third book in the series, BUT...if I tell you what happens at the end of the book...well, lets just say it would be wrong, wrong, wrong of me.


Okay, okay, okay....I'll tell a tiny bit.

If you've never read any of the books in the series, this is the perfect book to pick up since from this point forward, we have a whole slew of new (and sexy) characters and I can not wait for the next book in the series

Like the Finger Lickin' and Sexy, I couldn't put it down and have found myself going back to reread portions of the book because it was just SOOOO good!

These are my three favorite books for the month. Why not spread the word about your favs?

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