Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am many things.

I'm a Mom.

I'm an Artist.

I'm a Daughter.

A Sister.

A Sounding Board.

Editor Extraordinaire!

And an excellent Friend.

But most of all, I Am A Writer.

I've written for almost as long as I can remember.

For instance....

I remember sitting in seventh grade math class and being bored out of my mind and deciding I could probably entertain myself by writing a poem. I haven't a clue what the ramblings of my pre-teen mind could have been....probably about some imagined nappy headed knight in a beat up deuce and a quarter, or where that ill-fated poem is today. But throughout the years one thing has remained constant: I love to write.

Unfortunately, I suffer from many of the afflictions that most other writers sufffer with.

The inablity to get what's in my head on paper...or in my case, on my computer the way it plays out in my head.

The distractions of the everyday world.

More emails than you can read in a week arriving daily.

Phone calls from people that I don't feel like talking to but have to because they're my "Near and Dear".

And the very worse culprit of them all....A really GOOD book.

See...even as I type, I'm being distracted by you!

I swear, I can't win for losing.


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  1. Somebody needs a hug. So wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze. doesn't that feel better. You have a nice day