Monday, October 31, 2005

One of the coolest or most annoying things about being a writer, depending upon how you look at it, is the fact that all of life can be an idea about a new story.

Now my problem with getting these brilliant ideas lie in the fact that most of these ideas occur when I'm on someone else's time....In other words, at work. (Obviously I keep a notebook with me at all times so I can write down my ideas that come to me at inopportune moments.)

What moment in my life gave me a great idea?

None of your beeswax! Do I look like I'm lost my mind and I'm suddenly willing to just give away a brilliant idea? Of course not!

But, I did manage to get the basic idea sketched out. Very basic. Thing is, I think I just want to create something that entertains like a mini-soap opera or round robin. Either something utterly ridiculous or so realistic my friend will look at me and wonder what I've been holding back on them all these years.

Now the question is: Substance or Slapstick?


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