Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's so easy to NOT write...even when you want to.

I swear I want to write. Last night I managed to get through about 3 pages of notes on my current story. The sense of accomplishment at getting words from my mind, to paper and then my computer screen is something that I cannot explain.

But right now, I'm forced to clean my house. It's Saturday morning and my kitchen floor is screaming at me about being neglected. My boudoir isn't happy with me either. It's currently playing hostess to a small card table that up until 30 minutes ago held my sewing machine.

Meanwhile, I have a heroine and her best sistahgirl friend chatting in my head. The question is, do I stop and deal with them now or do I go ahead and clean....I have people coming over later...and risk not being able to recall their conversation later once all the cleaning is done and the visitors are gone.

Oh who am I kidding? Those two chicks can't shut up. I'll be able to recall their conversation later. The real trick is to not zone out on anyone talking to me until I can get back to my computer.


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