Monday, October 12, 2009

Back From Romanticon! - A Quick Overview

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from Romanticon and I'm wonderfully tired.

In fact...we all are.
(Please note the happy, but exhausted looks on the four faces to your right Gloria, Patricia, myself and IMRR's newest member, Mikah Woods)

Now, I could tell you about all the sexy models I met and managed to not grope. (Ellora's Cavemen David Greenhouse and Angelo)

*whispers* Right up until I saw these two very sexy cavemen,
I'd wished my daughter had attended with me. Then after a tiny bit of thought, I was overjoyed she was home in Syracuse and not in Ohio with me because I'm pretty sure, I wouldn't have seen her much. And yes, they do indeed ooze sex appeal with every breath they take.

But instead, I think I want to tell everyone about the amazing authors I met.

Almost from the first day of the convention, I kept running into this super cute little person that liked my locs and said so. I later suggested that she try getting temporary twist extensions while secretly love-love-loving the purple tint in her hair. The only reason I kept it a secret was because I knew if I'd even begun to mention loving it, I would have left Ohio with purple hair.
She looked like she was a tad too young to read an Ellora's Cave book, never mind attend the conven
tion. Turns out, she was romance crack dealer and author Sherri L. King and I left her table with not one, but two books after years of reading her blurbs and swearing to myself that I would stay away from her brand of romance crack. I'm pretty sure, Sherri's back home, loving her new title of crack dealer.

My first day of the convention, I attended the one class I swore that I was only going to for those members of RICH Writers that wrote M/M and M/F/M. In fact, I was positive that all I'd really learn was information that I could pass on to others.

Problem was, Kaenar Langford was among the panelist and within 30 seconds of opening her mouth, she had the entire class eating out the palm of her hand as she discussed going on a tour of a gay spa.

When we officially met her later in the lobby and she began to tell us more about her researching for her books and being a kindergarden teacher years earlier, we (Trish, Gloria and I) came to the unamious decision that she was easily one of the coolest people we'd ever met. I'm pretty sure, Kaenar's not afraid to research anything.

Other amazing authors I met and had a chance to talk to: Bronwyn Green, Regina Carlysle, J Hali Steele, Joanna Waugh, Nina Pierce...and I know I'm forgetting others outside of the four ladies I plan on mentioning tomorrow: Eve Vaughn, Lena Matthews, Liz Andrews and Koko Brown. Those four ladies, deserve a separate installation of their own.

Meanwhile, I'm going to bed and dreaming of all the books I've got to read...and must get back to writing.

Happy Reading and Writing!


  1. *whispers* Hey, Mimi, over here. I gotcha some primo stuff right here :D I LOVED meeting you - you're so gorgeous and full of life. Had such a fun time at the convention!! And YES I love being a dealer. Your dealer baby!

    Ms. King if ya nasty.
    But just Sherri if yer wicked ;-P

  2. Woo Hoo! Romance Crack Paraphernalia FOR ME! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

    And while you like being my dealer now...what's going to happen when I run out of your stuff to read and I start feining and hanging around your site scratching and begging for more? I can be an annoying little cuss when I want my crack. LOL!