Friday, October 16, 2009

Romanticon 2009 - Sunday's Workshop Panels

Romanticon 2009 - Sunday's Worshop Panels

As stated in my earlier post, each day of Ellora Cave's Romanticon was chocked full of events and activities from sun up to sun down and we enjoyed each and every workshop. However, the cherry to our "Sundae" was in the fact that I'd been asked to participate as a panelist on two of the panels for the day.

The first of the day being the Reviewer's Panel. Panelists included: Chrissy Dionne (Romance Junkies) Sheila Gallagher (Two Lips Reviews), Joysann (Publishers Weekly) Moderator EC Editor Helen Woodall and myself.

Each panelist explained how we selected books for review. How we handle negative reviews and what was the best "thank you" we'd ever received from an author/publisher for reviewing a book as well as a wide variety of other questions. The one thing we as reviewers,...well, yours truly...hoped authors came away from this panel workshop with was to not take negative reviews personally. Learn from them what they could and continue to grow as authors.

Our "Thank You" for doing this workshop, a super-cool "Save The Frogs" wristband and stone all the way from Austrailia (check out for more information)

Pictured above: EC Editor and Moderator Helen Woodall, Sheila Gallagher (Two Lips) and myself.

Our next event for the day...the one that made me a wee bit nervous and sent me into the same frame of mind that I have when teaching Children's Church and I'm dealing with 2 dozen hyperactive 5-10 year olds,...was the Writing and Researching IR/MC Workshop that I was asked to participate on. *shrugs* Hey, we had 30 minutes and five speakers...I had to talk fast considering we still had to answer attendees questions.

From the start of the panel until the end, the discussion was lively. The panelist included Eve Vaughn, Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews, Koko Brown and myself. Each spoke on a specific topic of interest: Definition and General Information, Do and Don't's, Stereotypes, Conflict and Advice to Aspiring Authors.

Pictured above: Eve Vaughn (not pictured), Lena Matthews, Liz Andrews, Koko Brown and myself.

We ended the panel with random IMRR giveaways of t-shirts, totebags and copies of "Holiday Gifts" on CD. Both panels were amazing to be a part of .

Pictured from left to right:
Authors Tracy Cooper-Posey and Eve Vaughn, EC attendee whose name escapes me at the moment, myself (Mimi Tremont), IMRR Member: Lexi, Aspiring Author George Allwyn and Liz Andrews

My thanks to the staff of Ellora's Cave for inviting us to take part in this year's conference. We look forward to attending next year in whatever capacity we're allowed.

Although...I'd gladly take over as Caveman Wrangler.

EC Caveman and Mr. Romance 2006 - Rodney Chatman



  1. It was sooo grew meeting you Mimi! Wasn't RomantiCon FUN??? Love the pics and yeah, I have to admit, those Cavemen oozed sex appeal. I was like you and glad I left my daughter at HOME. LOL

  2. Oops. Meant it was GREAT meeting you. LOL. Also wanted to say, I heard a lot of good things about the Interracial/multicultural panel. I had to do an author thing and was so bummed I couldn't make that one. Hope you are coming back next year!!!!