Wednesday, October 07, 2009

In less than 24 hours, Patricia and I will both be representing IMRR at the first Romanticon Convention!

I leave tonight. While Trish (and Gloria - aka IMRR's Unlisted and Invisible Member and Management Cheerleader) leaves in the morning.

I'm participating on two panels. Reading The Reviews and Research and Writing Special Genres: Interracial/Multicultural Romance (with Eve Vaughn, Liz Andrews, Koko Brown and Lena Matthews).

Some how I've managed to not get nervous. Let's pray it stays that way. However....all the giggling over the past few days could just be....Nahhh, it's just me talking books with some really...really...super cool...authors that I*fans self*....Whew!...Is it hot in here? Can someone open a window....

If you live in the area and can't attend the convention, but would love to check out the book fair and giggle with Trish, Gloria and I, it's open to the public on Sunday from 12-3pm at the Quality Inn and Suites, Richfield, Ohio.

For more information on Romanticon 09's events:

IMRR Manager

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