Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bon Voyage!

Although, "Normal" is most definitely a town in Illinois, there is nothing normal about being a creative person.
And that, my friend is what's so cool about being a writer. Now, I could say the same thing about musicians. But, they take being "NOT NORMAL" to another level...a different tangent...completely different route all together.
But writers?
Writers have entire worlds and civilizations living inside their fertile imagination.
Twenty-four hours a day...
Seven days a week...
Even during a meeting when they should be focusing on what the poor sap in charge of the meeting is saying, but their heroine has decided that they'd like to have a heart to heart and reveal their deepest, darkest, most scintillating secrets.
Or worse, when you're sitting in a convent at a Womens Retreat for your church and your hero and heroine get into an argument. And while everyone else is in their cell...I did say is was a convent, remember?...reading their Bible or in the hall laughing about the night's group activity, (which you enjoyed and would love to laugh about as well) you found yourself writing a hot and heavy love scene that ended with them cussing each other out and dropping the F-Bomb because that was when they decided it was most convenient to drop that scene on you?
Do I really need to tell you that I wrote in a made up word rather than the f-bomb that characters needed me to write because I had a crucifix in my face at that time? I adjusted it once I got home. But there was no way I could write it while there. 
Yeah...That doesn't happen to so call "Normal" people.
Give it up....
You are a Writer. The "normal" ship sailed without you long ago. ~ Terri Main



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