Monday, July 13, 2015

But Captain, it's the Doctor!

So, should I mention that I rarely write without Doctor Who playing in the background?
Like most people I like writing with the appropriate mood music playing in the background. For me, it's usually some form of epic music. But not so long ago, I realized that I had made it a habit of writing while watching television. Well, not really watching, more like I thought I'd make use of the extensive number of commercial breaks during some shows.
At first, it was because I love to watch the various home repair and travel shows and if I'm not up getting more tea during the commercial breaks, I'll start flipping channels and forget what I started watching. So, I write and halfway listen/watch whatever's on HGTV. But, about two or three months back I noticed that I get the most writing done, when the Doctor is saving worlds in the background....He's currently helping Craig save Sophie in "The Lodger."
Kiss Her!!!
Yes, I really do write and not watch. Well....not watch much. 'Cause, you know...Craig...Sophie...declarations of love. And there's all this epic music playing in the background. The more intense the scene, the better the music, the more I write.
Anyway, I tend to just put on a DVD and replay it until I've hit my time limit...or it's 3am (or later) and my only choice for the night is sleep sitting up with my fingers on the keyboard or laying down like a relatively normal adult.
I like to pretend to be normal at least once a day.
Do you have what some would consider "strange" writing rituals? If so, what are they?

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