Monday, July 27, 2015

On Your Mark...Get Set....

Good News....There's five days left to Camp NaNoWriMo.
**Insert look of panicked terror**
Over the next five days it is my goal to find the scenes that I lost track of, that jumped the shark or for that matter are currently just a quick note about what I want there, and complete them. And just as importantly, make notes on what areas need amping up.
Now why am I telling any and everyone what I'm doing? Because I need to be held accountable. Having others know that you've got writing goals and a timeline forces you into working towards those goals or explaining to them why you're up at 2am on Facebook and playing Candy Crush.
Okay, so I don't play Candy Crush. I play Flowerz and Bejeweled. But that's neither here, nor there and thankfully, I rarely play either of them. So, the likelihood of anyone catching me playing them online is slim.
I would say "Judge me." But I won't bother. I'll be in full "Self-Judgment Mode" beginning August 1st as I move into "Editville."
Now if only I could get off of Pinterest and had the courage to delete the Solitaire app off my tablet....

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