Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo: July 2015 - "If The Shoe Fits" - Blurb

If clothes made the man, then it was shoes that made the woman.
Kayla Thomas was as devoted to her family engineering firm as she was to The GodMother Foundation. The foundation brought in millions to help young, financially disadvantaged students attain their goals of attending college and once there, make sure they had no excuses on doing what they were there for. They helped with everything from scholarships, to free, tutoring and daycare, to providing a place for them to stay if need be. Each year, their annual Glass Slipper Ball and what she considered her choice in “inspirational” shoes, brought in a good portion of the funds they needed.  But when the perfect shoes are virtually stolen from her, she has no one to blame but an overbearing French man with far too much testosterone and Armani on speed-dial.
The last thing Dayne Louissaint planned to do when he bought a pair of shoes for his sister’s birthday was put the pending business partnership with Thomas Engineering and Louissaint Construction in danger of falling apart before it’d even begun. But now with the deal on the table and a multi-million dollar project on the line, it was all falling apart because one all too sassy, curvy woman thought that “dibs” was a business term that had to be honored by all.
Especially him.

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